Healing massages

bioenergy massage – combination of professional massage and biomassage gives comfort to tight muscles and stimulation of biological active spots which release from psycho-physical blockades.
Bioenergetic is a psycho-physical technique consists of “reading” the body – searching places, where energy is blocked or weakened, which distorts cells and whole organism work.

healing massage – based on classical massage techniques. Mail goal is to support healing of some organism disorders by manual procedures.

honey massage – combination of healing massage with natural honey. Honey when used externally works regeneratively, cleans lymphatic system. During the procedure, products of metabolism are excreted through skin.

SomaSound – my combination of massage and gong & bowls sound therapy. This technique gives very effective release from stress effects and blockades, increases organism regeneration, assists achieving homeostases. There are three kinds of SomaSound:

  • healing massage + bowls sound therapy
  • bioenergetic massage + bowls sound therapy
  • relaxing massage + bowls sound therapy

My clients considered this unique procedures combination as more effective than separated sound therapy and massage.