Face Treatment Rituals

Performed using organic cosmetics from Cosmetic Laboratory “Femi”. Long-term effects of these treatments are composed of: handpicked preparations and their effectiveness, as well as biocompatibility with the skin, making work more precisely than other cosmetics. The treatments are relaxing and regenerating not only the face, neck and décolleté but harmonises mind, emotions and body, allowing you to enter a state of mental well-being.

Laboratorium FEMI has an international ISO 22716 GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certificate. These standards include a number of studies, requirements that we must meet to undergo continuous quality control successfully. We must admit that this certificate makes Laboratorium FEMI special among many other cosmetic brands and guarantees the highest quality of our products.

„Beautiful as a rose” – treatment for sensitive, capricious, shallowly vascularized, over-responsive to stimuli skin. Relieves and nourishes the skin of women of all ages and restores its vitality thanks to the healing properties of rose, a symbol of feminine beauty. The skin becomes supple, strong and less reactive.

In cosmetics, used in this treatment wealth of natural ingredients is hidden such as: vitamins, including C and PP rejuvenating effect (stimulating the synthesis of collagen), bioflavonoids (strengthening capillaries, preventing breakage of fragile capillaries), a complex of essential oils from rose and chamomile, coenzyme Q10 obtained from vegetables, and vitamin E to protect against free radicals.


Delici – lifting ritual
For: face, neck, cleavage

Treatment reduces wrinkles and strengthens face oval using non-needle mesotherapy.  Accompanied by sound of Tibetan bowls and extra hand treatment.

Indicated for:

  • gentle skin needing lifting, firming, wrinkles reduction
  • ones looking for anti-aging treatment which will improve face oval


Citisime – rejuvenating ritual
For: face, neck, cleavage

Rejuvenating treatment that will protect your skin age capital using non-needle mesotherapy.

Indicated for:

  • skin needing revitalization, intense hydration, malnourished with discoloration
  • revitalization of “city skin” – exposed to many external stressors
  • wellness treatment after sunbathing and solar beds use
  • treatment regenerating hydro-lipid coat damaged by environmental factors