Very effective and comprehensive rejuvenating therapy called Facemodeling is trending in Europe.

Facemodeling is an effective and safe method which is alternative to invasive treatments. It is work on many planes composed of sophisticated techniques to achieve rejuvenated look which continues to surprise even most finicky clients.

This very effective multi-therapy helps not only in restoring young and healthy look, preventing biomechanical aging. First and foremost, it regenerates tissues, improving their vitality, bringing deep relax, helping to balance entire body.

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Have a look at face treatment rituals

Delici – lifting ritual
For: face, neck, cleavage

Treatment reduces wrinkles and strengthens face oval using non-needle mesotherapy.  Accompanied by sound of Tibetan bowls and extra hand treatment.

Indicated for:

  • gentle skin needing lifting, firming, wrinkles reduction
  • ones looking for anti-aging treatment which will improve face oval

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