Very effective and comprehensive rejuvenating therapy called Facemodeling is trending in Europe.

Facemodeling is an effective and safe method which is alternative to invasive treatments. It is work on many planes composed of sophisticated techniques to achieve rejuvenated look which continues to surprise even most finicky clients.

This very effective multi-therapy helps not only in restoring young and healthy look, preventing biomechanical aging. First and foremost, it regenerates tissues, improving their vitality, bringing deep relax, helping to balance entire body.

That happens thanks to releasing tensions and muscle blockades. Releasing them not only improves how one looks, but also helps tissues lying all the way down.

After gathering history, therapist selects techniques appropriate to shape and individual needs of given face. Each session might look differently.

Therapy is composed of many techniques: mioplasty, capilotherapy, inerplasty, esthetic kinesiotaping.

How therapy looks like:

Usually it starts with relaxation of fascia and muscles around back, head and then moves on complex, multi-level work on décolletage, neck and face


  • Visibly improves the shape of face – makes you look younger!
  • Improves esthetic and contour of face
  • Rejuvenates deep tissues
  • Reduces or even resolves furrows and “bagging”
  • “elongates” neck
  • Reduces swelling under eyes
  • Reduces visibility of scarring
  • Restores color, firmness and softness of skin
  • Restores lips volume
  • Restores younger look of eyes
  • Gives other individually appreciated benefits

For those who want to know more:

Reason for wrinkles and “bagging” forming is deformed structure of muscle-fascia complex, not only laxity of skin itself.

So aging starts with overexpressed muscle contraction.

That means that correctly performed manual therapy, including intense massage are key to resolve tightness in face, neck, décolletage.

Often only one muscle being tight pulls another muscle fibers. Resulting in obstruction of normal lymph and blood flow.

Thanks to multilayer therapy „Facemodeling” it is possible to resolve esthetic deformation, wrinkles. Extra benefit is restoring psycho-emotional balance.

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